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This page contains the certifications and markings awarded to Tecomec.

The Company certifications ensure the ability to structure and manage its resources and production processes in order to meet the needs of customers, striving to ensure constant improvement.

The Markings attest to compliance with the essential health and safety requirements, established by specific directives, regulations and standards of the various countries.

The Product certifications are voluntary procedures through which a third-party organisation certifies a product’s fulfilment of the requirements specified by international standards.
For this purpose, Tecomec uses the following bodies:
TÜV Sud for certifications on the EU and non-EU market.
UL for certifications on the North-American market.
Certottica for the recognition of CE and UKCA markings on personal protective equipment (face shields).
Critt Sport Loisirs for the recognition of CE and UKCA markings on personal protective equipment (ear muffs).
– Madi-Fond for the recognition of the EAC marking in all Eurasian Customs Union countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia).
SNCH and OFI for certifications of products intended to contain fuel.

Certificazioni - Simple Title - Certificazioni Aziendali

Company Certifications

Asset Publisher

Logo certificazione AEO
Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
Logo certificazione TUV 9001
Quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

Certificazioni - Simple Title - Certificazioni di prodotto

Product Certifications and Marks

Asset Publisher

Logo certificazione CE
CE marking
Logo certificazione UKCA
UKCA Marking
Logo certificazione EAC
EAC marking
Logo certificazione PSE
PSE marking
Logo certificazione TUV
TÜV Sud certification
Logo certificazione TUV GS
TÜV Sud GS certification
Logo certificazione UL
UL certification
Logo certificazione AEF
AEF certification
Logo certificazione ENAMA
ENAMA certification
Logo certificazione UN