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This extended policy was created and personalized exclusively for this website, according to the Regulation of the 8th of May, 2014 of the Guarantor for the personal data protection. It is intended to update and integrate the previous policies already published on the website and/or provided by the company, so to respond to all requirements of the art. 13 of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 and further regulations emitted by the Guarantor Authority for the personal data protection.


Important Warning
Third parts are informed that using this policy partially or totally on other websites, where it could be considered irrelevant and/or erroneous and/or incongruous, may cause important legal sanctions by the Guarantor Authority for the personal data protection.


Policy subject
Our company uses the “cookies” technology in these webpages and this note has the purpose to clearly and precisely illustrate to visitors the use conditions. This document withdraws and fully substitutes all contingent previous indications provided by the company about cookies, which can be considered outdated.


About Cookies
A cookie is a string of letters and numbers (a short dimension file) that is sent by a website to a web browser (i.e. Pc, smartphones, etc.) and stored to be sent back to the same website during the following visit of the same user.
Cookies types and purposes


Cookies types and purpose
Used cookies in this website are:


1. Technical cookies optimize the surfing through the website in terms of fluency and quickness, so to improve efficiently the services and the options offered in these pages, i.e. the purchase operations or the reserved area authentications. These cookies are indispensable for the optimal usability of the website, but the user can decide to deactivate them;


2. Analytics cookies are instruments useful to elaborate an anonymous and aggregated analysis with a collection of information about users’ website surfing (i.e. the source that led them on our website, the number and the duration of their visits, etc.). These cookies allow to introduce improvements to the website itself, to facilitate the visitors’ access and to elaborate the relevant statistics. These cookies are not necessary for the optimal use of the website, so the user can decide to deactivate them;


3. Profiling cookies are instruments to create a detailed “profile” of each visitor, in order to provide targeted advertisements. By accessing the website, cookies collect information and study the visitor’s behavior through the single pages, his preferences and habits, his favorite products, etc. Our company can then “record” that information to send and/or show him targeted advertisements. These cookies are not necessary to the website surfing and the visitor can choose to deactivate them;


4. Third parts cookies are cookies that third sites install on the user browser, throughout this website. Third parts cookies have the principal purpose to analyze, referring mainly to the Google Analytics functionalities. It is possible to have more information about Google Analytics by clicking on this link:


To deactivate these cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting web surfing data, it is possible to download the add-on of the browser for the deactivation of Google Analytics by clicking this link:


Browser configurations
Users can freely configure their privacy parameters related to the installation and the use of cookies at any time, directly through their browser, following the relevant instructions.
Specifically, it can be set up the “incognito mode”, to allow the web surfing software to interrupt the chronology backup of the visited sites, the inserted passwords, the cookies and other information about the visualized webpages.
Please notice that in case of deactivation of all the cookies (technical cookies included), the quality and the speed of the services offered in this website might drastically worsen and the access to some sections of the site might be lost.


Correct browser configuration instructions
In order to block or limit the use of cookies from this and other websites directly from the browser, it is possible to follow some simple instructions suitable for the most common browsers.


Google Chrome: click on the menu icon high on the right and select “Settings”. In the new menu page, select “Show advanced settings” and go to the “Privacy” area, then select “Content Settings”, where it is possible to block partially or totally the cookies.


Microsoft Internet Explorer: click on the “Settings” icon high on the right, then select “Internet Options”. In the new menu page, select “Privacy”, where it is possible to block partially or totally the cookies.


Mozilla Firefox: in the Firefox drop-down menu high on the left, select the menu “Preferences”. In the new menu page, click “Privacy”, where it is possible to block totally or partially the cookies.


Final version of this document: 25th of May, 2018