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The application of agricultural chemicals is one of the phases that requires the most attention and care in the development of your crop.
By using the Spray Controller - GeoNave 31 from Agres, you achieve greater precision and efficiency from soil preparation to pest control!

  • GeoNave 31 adjusts the dosage of inputs based on the predefined prescription map or operator's instructions
  • GeoNave 31 is compatible with all sprayers equipped with electric valves and flow meters
  • GeoNave 31 controls up to 9 sections

When used jointly with the automatic section control license, the system prevents overlapping of applied areas.
All settings are possible to be set in an integrated manner, without the addition of external components or devices.


  • Multi-brand compatibility.
  • Variable dosage application according to machinery speed.
  • Input control through electric regulation valves. 
  • Setup of different types of nozzles
  • Automatic section closure in case of overlap (ASC).
  • Treatement's map storage.



Advantages and Use

The GeoNave can be used from soil preparation to harvest! It has an intuitive, fast, and practical interface, allowing better results with more precision in all operations.

The Spray Controller adjusts the application rate according to the preloaded prescription map in the internal memory or can be configured directly by the operator.

GeoNave commands the valvetrain, automatically opening and closing the sections. The savings start from day one of use, and go on and on, reducing the overall cost of every crop!

Basic_text_geonave_usi Guide pattern

Guide pattern

In addition to all the functionalities already presented, the Spray Controller acts as a Virtual Guide, allowing control of the machine's path through the cultivation area, navigating in parallel and curved lines, requiring only a starting and ending point.

Basic_text_geonave_usi Controllo automatico delle sezioni (ASC)

Automatic section control (ASC)

The main goal of the automatic section control system is to reduce excessive product application and drift by automatically turning off sections when passing through areas
where application has already occurred.

Along with the perimeter function, which can be imported or created by the system, GeoNave is able to ensure that the chemical products are applied within the required areas.


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More precise applications in all conditions

The GeoNave 31 can be used in self-propelled, towed, or mounted sprayers, equipped with flow meters, regulating valves, main valves, and up to 9 sections.

When used in conjunction with the automatic section cut (ASC) license, the system prevents overlap in already sprayed areas, ensuring savings, reducing waste, improving operator work quality, and protecting the environment.


Application Manager – IsoFarm

In step with technology, GeoNave allows application data to be displayed and managed via a FREE cloud platform.

IsoFarm is Agres' Application Manager. With it, you can view the report of the operation carried out on your Agres equipment. In the operation report, you have access to the distance traveled, the volume of applied inputs, the covered area, the total operation time, and the percentage of overlap.