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Tips for your break

Dear visitor,
This space is for you, to take a break.

Tecomec has created this page to accompany you with a suggestion each month:
for your free time let us recommend you good music and a good movie from our team, you may find out some curiosities or simply fill those 5 minutes of break, relieving you of the stress of work.

Do you want to find the soundtrack for this month?
Find out which song we have identified for you as chord of the month!

Are you undecided which movie to watch?
Go down to the page, you could rediscover a great classic suitable for this period or a movie you missed the release of.

Do you want to find out what we have in store for you for the rest of the year?
Scan the QR codes on the calendar and if you want, contact us and let us know if you liked this month’s advice.

Have a good break!

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Lucio Dalla , L'anno che verrà

Caro amico, ti scrivo, così mi distraggo un po' E siccome sei molto lontano, più forte ti scriverò"
Un vero inno alla speranza, per un futuro migliore, attraverso un confronto immaginario con un amico.

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The Revenant

Great and engaging film, an exciting story that leaves its mark. Revenant talks about a frontiersman who, during a trade expedition, fights for survival after the attack of a bear and the abandonment of members of his own hunting team.