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Discover how to improve your machine

In agriculture, factors such as high pressure, intensive use, low temperatures, dirt, heat and unstable weather conditions can damage your machinery and the components.

How to solve this unpleasant situation?

Discover now Tecomec’s brass range to improve your machine, by integrating durable components that will help you keep its performance and mechanical and hydraulic functions unaltered.



Why brass?

Brass, an alloy composed of copper and zinc, ensures excellent mechanical performance.
For example, it resists to very low temperature (-250°C), it can be 100% recycled while retaining its original properties, and it is the ideal material to reduce energy consumption.

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Discover now the brass control units dedicated to high pressure, and choose the control system that best suits your necessities.


Control units

Discover the brass control units selected for you.

  • Electric Control Units
  • Solenoid Control Units


Control Systems

Discover the control systems selected for you.

  • GeoSystem 240 OS : Dose control
  • GeoSystem 190 S : Automatic closing system with ultrasound