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Strong switch box


Modular Control boxes to be completed with pressure gauge

Available in two different versions:

  • up to 7 section valves - STANDARD VERSION
  • up to 3 section valves - SMALL VERSION



  • RI: with independent section valves.
  • RD: with section valves controlled by the main one. Any change could be made on the field.



  • For crop sprayers
  • For orchard sprayers

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What's the news?

Improved operating comfort due to the space effectively used.

Thanks to the modularity, and to a practical and simple mounting system, it is possible to get the best configuration for all the operators needs.


Three types of pressure gauge mounting:

  1. Left lateral
  2. Above or Below
  3. Right lateral




Possibility to replace the switch quickly and easily.

  • Single sections switch
  • Main valve switch

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One box, different uses depending on the cable used.

Possibility to add the mechanical sensor for the equipment’s position.

For electric and solenoid valves.
Ideal for ST/DRIVERDRIVER and PILOT control units, and for solenoid control units.