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the new battery chain grinder

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The first and innovative Battery Chain Grinders

Suitable for all chain pitches, the new MJ10.8 is a lightweight and easy to transport machine, ideal to be carried on the field or in the workshop, equally outdoor or indoor.
High focus on safety, with the automatic safety stop and the sparks reduction system. The work with MJ10.8 will be easy, fast and precise: attach the grinder, set the angle and you’re good to go!

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Reduced consumption thanks to the 10.8 V battery

Equipped with a 10.8V Li-on rechargeable battery, MJ10.8 is capable of sharpen up to 45 chains with a single full charge.
The status of the battery is always under control, with the lights displaying the charge, and the full recharge is a quick as 15 minutes.

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MJ10.8 is available in two versions: one to be fixed on the bar (p/n11829000) and one to be fixed on the bench (p/n 11829003).

The bar version allows to sharpen the chain without dismounting it from the bar, thanks to the new and intuitive magnetic fixing.
The bench version has a compact and user friendly design.

The standard set includes: grinding machine, grinding wheel, battery and charger (1 unit of each item).

Click on the version of choice to discover all the information and data.

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